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Minnesota’s Guide for Managing Hair Loss

At Uplift Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive skin rejuvenation, body sculpting, and laser hair removal. But there’s so much more to your look than managing some unsightly peach fuzz or solving a few wrinkles. That’s why we’re taking aesthetics to the next level with a groundbreaking option for anyone seeking hair loss treatment in St. Paul!

Are you the 50 over 50?

Before we brag about our transformative hair loss treatment, we feel it’s important to get to know each other! One of the most common aesthetic concerns in the United States is male and female pattern baldness. This very common type of hair loss affects millions of people every day. Wanna see the numbers? We thought you’d never ask!

United States estimates show that androgenetic alopecia affects up to 50% of men and 25% of women by age 50. Even if you’re part of the lucky percentage not afflicted by the most common type of hair loss, you may be experiencing hair loss for a multitude of reasons. Before you come to our office for hair loss treatment in St. Paul, we’ll take the time to discuss the root causes behind your unique hair loss.

Why Follicles Are Failing

When our patients are seeing fewer follicles on their head and more in the drain, there are plenty of logical causes to consider. No, your pillow isn’t haunted—it could be a multitude of reasons stemming from far scarier places! If you’re fearing more falling follicles, these are some of the common causes we see in hair loss consultations every day:

Alopecia Areata

Although this is a much rarer classification of alopecia, this is one of the hardest to bounce back from. This type of hair loss is related to any autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles. As your body struggles to recover, you may experience patchy hair loss long after you enter remission.

Autoimmune Systems Check

In alopecia areata, the immune system mistakenly targets healthy hair follicles. This disrupts the natural hair growth cycle, causing hair loss. The most common symptom is patchy thinning or balding in circular areas on the scalp. This hair loss can also happen on the eyebrows, chin, eyelashes, or any other hair-bearing part of the body.

Hair loss with alopecia areata can happen quite rapidly, sometimes within a few days or weeks. Unlike some other hair loss conditions, alopecia areata doesn’t cause pain or scarring on the affected areas. Even if you don’t notice the patches right away, your hair stylist probably will.

When we talk about your hair loss, we classify it based on the severity and extent of your condition. If you thought a haunted pillow sounded scary, you may just want to skip ahead to our recommended treatments! This is the other type of scalp related alopecia that our hair loss treatments in St. Paul work to address:


Alopecia Totalis

Unlike alopecia areata’s patchy telltale signs, alopecia totalis is characterized by the total baldness of the scalp. This condition can be difficult to cope with as it emerges from patchy hair loss. Throughout your scalp, it can only take days to watch your hair fall before your eyes, making for an overwhelming, often traumatic experience. So, to help our community manage such mentally and emotionally taxing times, Uplift offers the most personalized hair loss treatments in the St. Paul area.

solutions start with…

… just one conversation. With Uplift’s specialists, we can help you make changes that can regrow your natural hair! While we’re all about providing solutions, our practice is always happy to offer our opinion as medical professionals. Every no-obligation consultation works to identify the root causes of your failing follicles. Here are some smoking guns of hair loss we can identify in your consultation:

Identifying Your Concerns

We begin our consultations by introducing ourselves and going over your medical charts to identify key biomarkers that point to an overactive or underactive thyroid. This dysfunction can disrupt hair growth cycles and lead to stubborn hair loss. On the other hand, fungal or bacterial infections on the scalp can require entirely different treatments. That’s why we also look for conditions like psoriasis or eczema, even if you don’t have a diagnosis. 

Managing Medications and Treatments

Certain medications and medical treatments can cause hair loss as a side effect. For example, the drugs used in chemotherapy specifically attack rapidly dividing cells, including those in hair follicles. Blood thinners can also have a nasty effect on your follicles, as your red blood cells are spread too thin to provide nutrition to your scalp. 

Dealing with Life

Severe or chronic stress can disrupt hair growth cycles and contribute to hair loss in more ways than one! As we age, it’s perfectly normal to experience deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals, like iron, protein, or biotin. Your hair is just as important as any organ in your body, so feeding your scalp is extremely important!


Staying in Style

You wouldn’t tie one arm behind your back all day and expect it to be perfect the next day, right? Well, that’s kind of the same rule with your hair! Hairstyles that pull on the hair roots over time can lead to a form of hair loss called traction alopecia. Additionally, chemical treatments, excessive styling, or improper care can fry your hair and contribute to hair loss. 

To give your scalp all the nutrients it needs, our hair loss treatments focus on empowering your healthy biology. No matter what your hair’s been through, Uplift is here to help you regrow hair completely naturally. 

Your Real Cells, Your Real Hair!

At Uplift Aesthetics, we believe that true renewal for your real hair comes from within! That’s why PRP for hair loss is our go-to hair loss treatment in St. Paul. This minimally invasive option offers us an opportunity to regrow hair at the cellular level.

PRP for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, uses your blood cells to promote hair growth with precise injections. The core concepts that power PRP injections are actually the natural wound-healing properties your body is already using! By synthesizing the most effective blood cells possible, our hair loss treatments promote total health just below the surface of your scalp.

Providing Preventative Care

One of the most popular uses for these injections is preventative maintenance! If your mom or dad had thinning or balding hair, we recommend strategic injections to break the cycle. The longer you wait to do something about your hair loss, the longer your road to recovery will be. If you’ve been putting it off too long, it’s time to restore your real hair with this revolutionary hair loss treatment in St. Paul. 

Restoring Your Confidence

Decades of scientific research support our go-to hair loss solution. But without trusted specialists to guide you through these treatments, you won’t achieve true results! That’s why Uplift Aesthetics is proud to partner with every patient on their journey to restore their real hair. Here’s what you can expect when you trust our team to get your confidence back: 



Every treatment plan is just as unique as the people we serve. So, as we begin your initial treatment, we’ll help you build expectations and set realistic goals. We prioritize your comfort and results equally for every treatment. So, our specialists will periodically check in during your treatments to ensure total comfort. 

Your session will begin with a simple blood draw and synthesis to extract platelet-rich plasma. We then inject the optimal amount of this solution into predetermined areas just below your scalp. To regenerate your hair, PRP targets dermal papilla cells to create new hair follicles and promote total scalp health. 

You can expect most treatments to be quick, lasting less than an hour, and to have minimal impact on your daily routine. This is one of the main reasons why we suggest nonsurgical alternatives instead of surgical procedures. You can expect to see improvements 2 to 3 weeks after your first treatment. Remember, achieving your goals may require multiple sessions. 


Our approach allows our patients to build the most effective treatment plans over time. As you regrow your natural hair, we’ll recommend ways to further improve your results, and we’ll focus on improving the total health and beauty of your hair and scalp!


Our patients get the best treatment, but it’s the personal guidance from our team that keeps them motivated to keep improving. Build your relationship with our specialists in just a few clicks.

Get Your Real Hair Back!

If you’re ready to turn the tables on thinning hair, Uplift Aesthetics is here to help. To regrow your real hair with the most advanced hair loss treatment in St. Paul, book your appointment!

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