Treatment for Male Pattern Baldness in St. Paul

How Real Guys Grow Real Hair!

A lot of guys worry about keeping their lawn fresh, lush, and beautiful, but they may not have such a green thumb for what’s under that old ball cap! Hair loss is hard for anyone, but for guys, thinning hair can be a severe mental, physical, and emotional blow. That’s why Uplift Aesthetics is proud to offer a proven treatment for male pattern baldness in St. Paul!

An Ol’ Family Tradition

Guys, take a look at your dad, grandpa, and uncles. If you’re noticing a pattern, you’re not alone! Factors such as genetics, medical conditions, medications, and even stress can cause your hair to lose its thickness. To break that old family tradition, experience the most advanced treatment for male pattern baldness in St. Paul!

Our Solution for Male Pattern Baldness

Just as hair loss may be in your blood, the solution is too! Your blood is full of amazing growth factors, and Uplift Aesthetics has seen it do wonders for men and women‌. Before we dive in here, feel free to use our guide to managing hair loss with our related read.

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What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is one of the most advanced, effective ways to regenerate and speed up natural tissue repair. Since this solution is created using your own blood, there’s little chance of rejection, and over time, the efficacy is undeniable! PRP includes tons of growth factors, allowing your body to enhance the functions of any cell it encounters. That means, wherever PRP works its magic cellular growth, the formation of new blood vessels and hair growth follows. 

What It Does for You

To effectively use PRP for male pattern baldness treatments in St. Paul, we’ll start by thoroughly analyzing your scalp. This helps us determine the correct amount and placement of potential injections. We’ll discuss your conditions, concerns, and options in your initial consultation. 

If together we decide that PRP is right for you, we’ll schedule your appointment and give you some pointers on prep before your treatment. Here’s what you can expect in every session:


Step One: Draw Blood

After you check in, we’ll guide you back to our comfortable treatment room, where we’ll draw the correct amount of blood to be synthesized.

Step Two: Isolate the PRP

We’ll then run the blood through a centrifuge to separate PRP from other parts of your blood.

Step Three: Inject the PRP

Your provider will transfer the PRP into syringes after it has been separated, ensuring a smooth and accurate injection into your scalp. Depending on your specific needs, the number and location of injections will vary. 


Every session requires virtually no downtime and takes less than an hour! Patients typically begin seeing results 4 to 6 weeks following their initial treatment for male pattern baldness. We’re proud to help men and women regrow their real hair in just a few sessions!

From Dad to Daddy with Uplift Aesthetics

We love dad bods, but if you’re not loving yours, Uplift Aesthetics can help with our array of options! Whether it’s an in-depth treatment for male pattern baldness or a complete body sculpting plan, there’s so much for dudes to enjoy at Uplift Aesthetics

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