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Affordable Opportunities for Our Loyal Clients

With our memberships, we hope to provide our clients with more accessible ways to receive our treatments. Whether you want a general Uplift membership for a variety of services or you have a specific treatment in mind for your goals, our skin specialists in Oakdale have something for everyone!

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General Membership

We offer 3 tiers for our general membership with varying amounts of payment per month. If you add this amount to your “wallet” with us, you can use it on any of our services!

Emsculpt NEO Membership

Get 4, 8, or 12 treatments for an entire year to be used as maintenance sessions or as a complete treatment series!

Laser Hair Removal Membership

For $99 per month, you can get your monthly laser hair removal session for 3 small areas, 2 medium areas, or 1 large area.

Or for $199, you can get any 3 areas on your body!

Weight Loss Membership

By enrolling in our medical weight loss membership, you can get access to our nutritional counseling, lab work, weekly injections, and continuous support for your weight loss journey!

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Become a Member at Uplift

We’re looking forward to seeing you become a regular part of our family at Uplift!

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Experience the Uplift Difference

Explore our offerings to see what might be the best fit for you! And if you’re not sure, then we always welcome first-time clients to come see us for a consultation with a skin specialist in Oakdale.


As tried-and-true treatments for fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and more, our injectables are a minimally invasive yet effective way to revitalize your skin!

Body Contouring

Melt fat and build muscle with Emsculpt NEO, smooth out cellulite with Cellutone, or add volume to parts of your body with Sculptra! Take advantage of our general memberships or our Emsculpt NEO treatments to save on body contouring.

Lasers & Light

Laser and light procedures are some of the most powerful options for noninvasive skin resurfacing. Say goodbye to hair with our laser hair removal membership, or get clearer and brighter skin with Morpheus8 or IPL treatments!

Skin Treatments

You won't want to miss out on your regular skin treatments with our memberships. Get affordable pricing on your facial, peel, or another service performed by a top skin specialist in Oakdale!


We look forward to helping you feel better within your own skin, whether that's through medical weight loss, IV therapy, or hair restoration. Our nurse practitioner and our team of registered nurses work together to create a wellness plan that works for you.

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About Uplift Aesthetics

Uplift Aesthetics is a medical spa located in Minnesota that serves clients from Oakdale, Maplewood, and Woodbury, as well as the greater St. Paul and Minneapolis area. We seek to bring you confidence through high-quality services provided by our expert nurse injectors and our nationally certified laser technician and aesthetician. Our team values building relationships with each of our clients to create a positive experience for every treatment from start to finish!