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Weight Loss in Woodbury, MN

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When you are trying to lose weight, your thoughts about food probably consist of trying to not think about food at all. While limiting your calories is an important part of weight loss, what you eat is much more important than how much you eat. When starting a weight loss program, it is important to think critically about your diet to make sure the food you eat will contribute to keeping you strong and healthy.

At Uplift Aesthetics, we offer nutritional counseling to all of our weight loss clients to help them build a diet that promotes fat loss, a clean gut, and maintaining muscle mass. Here is a sneak peek into what we consider when building a diet for weight loss in Woodbury, MN.

Foods to Cut from Your Diet

We’ll start with the hard part first. When building a diet for weight loss, we look to cut out foods that cause inflammation, foods that are difficult for your body to metabolize, and foods with high sugar content. This often includes cutting out grains, legumes, and dairy, as well as foods that are overly processed or contain added sugar.

These foods can be harmful to your gut health for a number of reasons. Grains and dairy are some of the most common food allergens. Even if you don’t have an active food allergy, these foods can still be tough on your digestive system and cause gut inflammation.

While they may contain great protein, legumes are difficult for your body to digest. Their nutritional value, while high, is difficult for your body to metabolize. Processed food contains a number of additives that negatively impact your gut health.

Foods to Focus on

So, what foods should you be eating? We recommend that our clients focus on fruits and vegetables, lean protein (such as fish, poultry, eggs, and beef), natural fats, and nuts. These simple foods give your body the nutrients it needs in their most accessible and digestible form.

When reducing your calories, it is essential that the calories you are consuming provide the protein and vitamins your body needs to stay strong and healthy. When you focus on simple, natural foods, you are training your body to process food in a healthy way, converting these calories into energy rather than fat.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey at Uplift

At Uplift Aesthetics, we have years of experience helping our clients find weight loss solutions that not only help them lose weight, but also maintain a healthy weight long after their treatment with us. If we could highlight just one thing that makes our clients so successful, it would be our emphasis on holistic, whole-body health.

Weight loss is not just about calories and exercise, it’s about retraining the body’s relationship to food by building a lifestyle that encourages movement, nutrition, and optimal gut health.

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