Dysport vs Jeuveau: What’s The Best Neurotoxin For Your Needs

Despite how thoroughly you follow your skincare regimen, wrinkles develop as you age. It is because collagen depletes over time, allowing the skin to naturally lose its elasticity and thus developing fine lines and wrinkles.


Sometimes, anti-aging creams and moisturizers just won’t suffice to maintain your youthful appearance. This is why it helps to integrate certain non-invasive cosmetic procedures into your regimen—Dysport and Jeuveau injections, for instance, can help you fight the signs of aging.


But since you can only choose one at any given time, which one should you choose?


Keep reading to find out what would work best for you: Dysport or Jeuveau?

What is Dysport?

The lines on your forehead (frown lines) can be treated with Dysport, which can also be used to reduce muscle spasticity. Similar to Botox, it has proteins bonded to the neurotoxin, making Dysport suitable for yielding wrinkle-relaxing outcomes more quickly.


The effects of Dysport can be observed as quickly as two days after the procedure and can last for three to four months. Dysport is a great option for patients who are on the fence about getting treated with neurotoxins or injectables.

A Dysport injection offers the following benefits:

  • Dysport can kick in quicker than Botox, causing smoother skin faster
  • Dysport can last longer than Botox, especially with consistent use.
  • Dysport is known for having a “softer look” than Botox

What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is very similar to Botox, complete with added proteins, and offers comparable results. Since January 2019, the FDA has approved it for treating moderate to severe frown lines.

Several patients claim that when Jeuveau is injected into wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), they experience quicker results than with Botox.

Jeuveau offers the following benefits:

  • The most recent neuromodulator treatment, with FDA approval since February 2019.
  • Jeuveau is a more “precise” neuromodulator, and is great for all over face injections and for lower face injections, where we don’t want it to spread as far
  • Jeuveau has also been shown to kick in quicker and last longer than Botox

Choosing the Right Injectable for Your Needs

Choosing the right neurotoxins that will give you the results you want can be challenging. Dysport and Jeuveau are two widely-known neurotoxins because they are both effective. Determining the best one for your needs, however, will ultimately be up to your injector.


After a thorough consultation about your medical history, concerns, and goals, your provider will then create a treatment plan involving the neurotoxin that works best for you.


It is thus crucial to have a medical provider who is certified in injectable aesthetics, who is knowledgeable about both Dysport and Jeuveau (as well as facial anatomy) to properly assess your case and come up with the best course of action to achieve your aesthetic goals.

If you’re looking for the right treatment to fight the signs of aging, neurotoxins are a good option. Selecting the right one tailored to your skin’s needs can provide the best results.


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