4 Ways Skin Rejuvenation Can Revitalize Your Skin

Our skin tells a story that is entirely unique to the life each of us lives. Whether you have facial acne scars from your high school days or pigmentation from the countless hours spent under the summer sun, your skin is a representation of these memories and who you are.

While this may contribute to our present-day natural beauty, some may long for how our skin looked back in our youth — when we were building these memories instead of telling them.

While creams and serums may help reversing fine lines, sun damage, and wrinkles, the selection can be overwhelming and are not always the most effective. Surgery can very well be effective but are often invasive and come with an extensive recovery period.

So, what are the options if you want something stronger than a topical but less invasive than surgery? Well, that’s where SkinPen microneedling comes in.

What is SkinPen Microneedling?

If you’ve never heard of SkinPen microneedling, then you’ve come to the right place. This procedure involves using an FDA-cleared microneedling device to create hundreds of small holes in the area you’d like to target. The process triggers a natural healing reaction which causes your skin to produce collagen and elastin, allowing you to achieve the desired results for your skin.

How Can SkinPen Rejuvenations Enhance My Skin’s Natural Appearance?

1. Reduction of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Acne Scars
By producing a surge of collagen and elastin, the firmness and elasticity of the skin are increased. This creates a more supple appearance, improving fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars.

2. Improvement of Skin’s Texture and Tone
SkinPen microneedling is a safe and effective way to promote cell turnover and stimulate the production of new and healthy skin cells. By creating new cell production, the look of an uneven skin tone, roughness, and sun damage can be reduced.

3. Enhanced Product Absorption
SkinPen rejuvenation allows your skin to be more receptive to the effects of moisturizers and other topicals. Applying these products following a session can lead to increased hydration, skin nourishment, and overall rejuvenation.

4. Minimization of Pore Size
As a result of this process, the skin is tightened through the increased production of collagen, minimizing the size of pores. This results in a smoother and more even appearance.

Enhance Your Radiance

SkinPen microneedling allows you to enhance the beauty of your skin’s natural appearance in a minimally invasive and effective way. Within the first week following treatment, you’ll start seeing results and begin to watch your skin transform. Click here to learn more about SkinPen microneedling.


At Uplift Aesthetics in Oakdale, MN, our professionally trained providers consistently provide clients with results they never thought were possible. Join us in your journey to skin rejuvenation so we can help you get back to being your most radiant self.