Stimulate Your Skin’s Natural Collagen With Our Skin Tightening Treatment

Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ – and that it’s constantly changing?
The elasticity of your skin is often determined by how much collagen your body produces, and this can decrease over time due to aging and/or other factors, such as prolonged sun exposure and smoking.

While there are many ways to improve the appearance of your skin, radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening has been proven especially effective at restoring some of its elasticity.
Keep reading to learn more about this advanced treatment.

RF Skin Tightening

RF skin tightening (sometimes called RF treatment) is a non-invasive procedure that uses a wand connected to a machine that creates radiofrequency waves. This wand passes over the target area, allowing the radiofrequency waves to penetrate deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen production.

An RF treatment can also result in faster skin cell turnover, making the skin firmer and plumper over time.

The treatment usually takes 30-90 minutes, depending on the area treated. The most popular RF treatment brands are:

  • Forma by InMode
  • Thermi
  • Exilis
  • Profound RF
  • Thermage

What Are the Benefits?

RF skin tightening can obviously tighten up sagging skin and can also address wrinkles. Here are the other benefits that come with a few RF treatment sessions:

  • Stimulate collagen production to rejuvenate skin from within
  • Body contouring
  • Face contouring
  • Face slimming

Is It Safe?

RF treatment is FDA-approved for skin tightening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and classified as a safe treatment.

However, it’s best to consult with a provider first to determine if undergoing an RF treatment is right for you.

As for common side effects, these include swelling, redness, and tingling, but they should all go away within a few days.

What to Expect After the Procedure

You may notice a significant improvement right after the procedure, but the full effects will kick in about a month later, once the boost in collagen kicks in.

Some patients notice a dramatic improvement after just one session, but following the right skin care regimen can help the results last longer.

Which brings us to…

How Long Do Results Last?

Because your body is producing your own collagen, results are considered permanent. However, you do continue to age and naturally lose collagen with each passing month. Occasional follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain your results.

The level of skin laxity determines the number of RF treatments needed to produce the desired results. For many patients, it’s best to have at least 6 sessions over a period of 6 weeks.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to help firm up sagging skin, we invite you to try out our skin tightening treatments. Here at Uplift Aesthetics in Oakdale, MN, we can help you achieve youthful-looking skin results—thanks to our experienced treatment providers who will come up with a treatment plan that works best for your unique needs and goals.

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