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Oakland Botox

Are you contemplating getting Jeuveau treatments? Jeuveau is a new FDA-approved neurotoxin, similar to Botox. Here are some things to know regarding Jeuveau to help you better understand what it is and how it works: Oakland Botox

Are There Side Effects of Jeuveau?

While side effects from Jeuveau treatments aren’t common, some potential side effects of Jeuveau treatments include: swelling, redness, tenderness, headaches, and bruising at the injection site. Side effects of Jeuveau tend to be mild and temporary, and there were no serious side effects that were reported during clinical trials.

How Does Jeuveau Differ From Botox?

While Jeuveau and Botox contain the same ingredients and are both neurotoxins, there are some minor differences between the two. For one, the botulinum in Jeuveau is made via a unique purification process, which makes the formula for it unique. This means that Jeaveau may yield better results than Botox for some patients and vice-versa for others. Moreover, Jeuveau has only been approved by the FDA for treating glabellar lines, but, like Botox, it can be used to treat many other types of fine lines and wrinkles as well.

Jeuveau or Botox?

Both Jeuveau and Botox are non-surgical injectable neurotoxin treatments that can be injected into the muscles in your body and used to help prevent and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. However, there are some key differences between the two.

For one, Jeuveau is more affordable than Botox is, and is also used to provide anti-aging treatment to younger people who are looking to prevent and treat early aging signs. Jeuveau takes approximately 15 minutes to administer, you can see full results within 7 days after receiving the treatment, and Jeuveau treatments tend to last 3-4 months on average. However, Botox has already been FDA-approved for many different uses, including to treat excessive sweating, whereas Jeuveau is only currently FDA-approved to treat glabellar lines.

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Oakland Botox

Oakland Botox

Oakland Botox