Kybella Stillwater MN | Kybella FAQ (Part 2)

Kybella Stillwater MN

Are you wanting to get rid of your double chin and have a youthful, sculpted jawline? Do you want to be less self-conscious of your appearance? Then Kybella may be just what you need. Kybella will make you fall in love with your new look after just a few treatments. Here are some of the frequently asked questions with regards to Kybella and our answers to them: Kybella Stillwater MN

What Is “Submental Fullness”?

Submental fullness is the pocket of fat that exists beneath the chin and is more commonly referred to as a “double chin.” Because exercise does not often target it, it can be one of the most challenging regions to reduce fat on the entire body. Although it is extremely common, very few cosmetic treatments address it directly, which is where Kybella comes in.

Do the Effects of Kybella Treatments Last?

The fat walls do not reappear once they have been destroyed. So, once you’ve eliminated all of the fat cells in your double chin using Kybella injections, they’ll vanish forever, leaving only your new chin.

What Is the Recovery Process Like After Receiving Kybella Treatments?

After receiving Kybella treatments, you may experience swelling, bruising, or numbness beneath your chin. It’s possible that patients may experience other types of side effects as well–if this is the case, please contact your healthcare provider. However, in general, Kybella doesn’t require any kind of recovery and only comes with a slight chance of side effects following the procedure.

How Many Kybella Treatments Will I Need?

Your personalized treatment plan will specify the number of sessions you will need to do. The more submental fullness there is, the more treatments you’ll need to do. Most patients require at least two treatments, with a maximum of six treatments recommended. Because they are so brief, they can readily fit into patients’ daily routines.

If you’re interested in getting Kybella treatments in order to treat your double chin, then schedule an appointment with your local estheticians in Stillwater MN at Uplift Aesthetics today.

Kybella Stillwater MN

Kybella Stillwater MN

Kybella Stillwater MN